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Safe, non-stop fun, so kids can’t wait to go every day! Exploring every day -searching for fun, child friendly materials that enchant & engage campers into the world of STEM. Our activities are innovative & distinct and best of all campers get to take home all of their creations.

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Our curricula teach children how to ask great questions and how to wonder out loud. Every day provides opportunities to create new things and imagine. We make it fun and easy for kids to be excited, curious & confident about STEM!



The Package is supported with Age specific Curriculum, Materials, Teacher Guide and Student worksheets.


The camp shall be executed for 10 Days. The Duration per day is 2 to 3 hours.


The program is supported with Certificate to the students. The Educators should share the name list and we will send the printed Certificates.


The Camp curriculum is supported with the takeaway activates. The kids can do at class and take home.


We provide fast and high quality support for all our customers. Feel free to contact us, if you find yourself in need of technical support.


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STEM Fun Camp

Preschool |Age 3-5| 10 days | 20 hours

Shake up a flask of fun in the lab as a junior STEMist! Campers get to create solutions,take a ride through cell city and become an investigator for a day. Let your little one’s Love of STEM grow with fun. Science of magic leaves children astounded,amazed and educated! Each day is a new exploration of various topics through fun hands-on activities

Program includes: Student Worksheets, Teacher's Guide and Takeaway activites.

STEM Explore

Grade 1-3 | Age 6-8 | 10 days | 20 hours

Have you ever wondered if there could be a real life Batman or Iron Man or for that matter Dexter! It always excites us here at STEM Champ, to think about them and how they came into being. Don’t you wonder about the origin of X-Men? While they were born with their powers, a lot of superheroes create their own superpower with the help of STEM Concepts

Program includes: Student Worksheets, Teacher's Guide and Takeaway activites.

STEM Challenge

Grade 4-6 | Age 9-12 | 10 days | 20 hours

Do you remember Jackie Chan? And American Dragon Jake? We loved how these guys could deal with any enemy in any form! It wasn’t just physical prowess that made them powerful but also their mental skills. Being a samurai or having ninja reflexes has a lot to do with training your minds. While you learn Ying and Yang of nature, you also learn to take control of your own surroundings. Becoming a ninja is a science in its own virtue and we at STEM Champ love Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics! Introducing dojo STEM camps to help you learn the secrets of survival.

Program includes: Student Worksheets, Teacher's Guide and Takeaway activites.

STEM Fun Camp

STEM Fun Camp are an ideal hands-on solution for early finishers, morning work, centers, fine motor practice, indoor recess, or positive reinforcement of behaviour. They are also a creative and developmentally appropriate form of engineering for pre-school kids. These are Multi use Kits.

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STEM Explore

STEM Explore provides students with open-ended activities where they can go through the process of defining a problem, brainstorming a possible solution planning, creating and improving on their plan. This process helps prepare our students for their futures in fun and innovative ways. These are Multi use Kits.

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STEM Challenge

STEM Challenge help students to make models directly using blocks and circuits and express their potential and creativity. Block game assembling and disassembling using various circuits, associated scientific and technical principles are explored and scientific logic will be enhanced. These are Multi use Kits.

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Buy our Summer Curriculum

To make the practical incense inside a child spark out STEMCHAMP announces SUMMERCAMPS for kids of all grades, so that they can have fun making, breaking and rebuilding things. Our Awesome activities let children learn a lot while having great fun! Check out our Summer curriculum!

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